IIT Kanpur, C3iHub, Launches Start-Up Cohorts Specialising In Specific Cybersecurity Areas


C3iHub, a National Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) for Advanced Cybersecurity at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK), launched start-up cohorts III, IV, and V at the Hyatt Regency, New Delhi.

Funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) under the NM-ICPS Mission, C3iHub presented 19 start-ups in the Start-up Incubation Program, specialising in specific cybersecurity areas including application security, integrated SOC solutions, cyberforensics, blockchain technology, UAV security, IoT security, and cyber insurance.

Under the flagship program of the Start-up Incubation Program, C3iHub has provided support to fifty start-ups across five cohorts that are actively engaged in critical cyber domains such as cyber forensics, application security, blockchain technology, deception technology, threat intelligence, and cyber insurance. Many of these start-ups have launched and commercialised products, while several others are currently in the process of scaling up their operations.

C3iHub provides a seed grant of Rs 10 lakhs to incubated start-ups and offers a monthly salary of Rs 50,000 for one founder over two years, resulting in an initial investment of Rs 22 lakhs. The organisation aims for at least a 20 per cent success rate among start-ups after the two-year incubation period, according to a company statement.

Prof. Manindra Agrawal, Project Director at C3iHub, said, “With the launch of these start-ups, we have crossed fifty start-ups in cybersecurity incubated at C3iHub. It signifies the vibrant potential of our ecosystem to innovate and lead in the face of global cybersecurity.” 

The TIH is engaged in all facets of cybersecurity, from identifying vulnerabilities in critical cyber physical systems to creating tools for mitigation. This involves supporting start-ups and collaborating with industries to commercialise these tools, along with training the next wave of cybersecurity experts.

C3iHub, meanwhile, concentrates on addressing cybersecurity challenges within cyber-physical systems such as critical infrastructure, automotive, and drones. Its scope encompasses various cybersecurity domains like network security, cryptography, intrusion detection, and deception technology. Start-ups under its umbrella focus on UAV security, blockchain, intrusion detection, and cyber-physical systems.

(Image courtesy: APACnetwork)

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