CybeReady, Introduced 5 Best Practices for Securing Internet Activities

CybeReady, introduced five best practices for securing internet activities with the launch of an updated CISO Toolkit available in 13 languages for Safer Internet Day on February 6th.

This initiative underscores the critical need for informed and vigilant online practices in the face of increasing cyber incidents affecting both the corporate sector and individual users.

2024 has ushered in a surge of cyberattacks, a trend attributed to the sophistication of cybercriminals, the proliferation of connected devices, and our growing reliance on the internet for daily operations and personal affairs. These security breaches are frequently the result of user missteps.

Safer Internet Day serves as an annual call to action, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced cyber literacy and safe online behaviors.

Aligned with the intentions of Safer Internet Day, CybeReady is committed to cultivating a culture of digital responsibility, privacy, and cyber citizenship among employees through targeted cybersecurity education.

  • Here are five best practices to support a safer internet experience:Maintain Vigilant Email Practices: Recognize the dangers of multitasking when handling emails. Careful scrutiny of links and attachments is vital to avoid phishing scams and malicious software.
  • Remain Cautious with Text Message Interactions: Treat text message links with skepticism. Verify sender authenticity to protect against deceptive practices that prey on limited visibility.
    Be Deliberate with Online Actions: Embrace a measured approach to online activities. Rushed decisions, like hurried actions on the road, increase the risk of cyber security incidents.
  • Use Trusted Devices and Networks: Engage in online tasks such as email management and online shopping using familiar devices and secure networks to mitigate risks associated with unknown environments.
  • Have Awareness of Email Origins: Exercise additional caution with emails in unfamiliar languages or from unknown brands, as they may harbor higher scam potentials.
  • To hasten business readiness, the CybeReady CISO Toolkit on safely navigating the Internet is freely downloadable. It provides a more comprehensive education review for employees on safe internet practices and awareness of evolving cyber threats.

“The threats present on the Internet challenge the security of organizations worldwide. From sophisticated phishing schemes to advanced ransomware attacks, cybercriminals are leveraging technology to exploit any vulnerability within our systems and processes,” said Eitan Fogel, CEO of CybeReady.

“Informing the workforce is the first step in any defense against these concerns. By fostering a culture of vigilance and continuous learning, individuals can be empowered to not only recognize but also effectively respond to potential security risks.”

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