542 Cyber Criminals with the Help of Prakharpan Application Created by CID DG Anurag Gupta

Recently in Jharkhand district,police of 14 districts arrested a total of 542 cyber criminals with the help of Prakharpan app.

This arrest took place between November 20, 2023 and February 1, 2024. A total of 118 cases were registered against the arrested criminals. 1913 SIM cards have been recovered from them.

Cyber ​​criminals used these for fraud. Apart from this, 1266 mobile phones have been recovered from the arrested criminals. Cyber ​​criminals used these mobile phones to make fraudulent calls.

Maximum 206 cyber criminals have been arrested from Deoghar district. Whereas Giridih District Police has arrested a total of 142 cyber criminals. Jamtara Police, which ranked third, has arrested a total of 86 cyber criminals.

Six cyber criminals arrested for cheating by chatting on Scoca app, criminals caught through Prakharna portal

CID DG Anurag Gupta had prepared Prakharna app to track cyber criminals.

Through this, cyber criminals are tracked on the basis of the mobile number used in fraud. This facility has been provided by CID to the police of all the districts.

CID tracks the mobile number and gives information about cyber criminals to the police of the concerned district. After this, the district police conducts raids and arrests cyber criminals.

(Image courtesy:www.googlephoto.com)

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