Nissan Investigating Cyber Attack in New Zealand, Australia & Data Breach

Nissan is investigating a cyber-attack that has targeted its systems in New Zealand and Australia.

Customers are being warned of the attack, which may have led to hackers accessing personal information.

In a statement on the company’s website, it says they’ve notified cyber security authorities in New Zealand and across the Tasman and their global incident response team is working to determine the impact.

Nissan said their systems and dealerships will continue to operate as normal, but are asking customers to be vigilant and to report anything suspicious connected to their personal information.

Details of the attack have not been published but the company informed customers of its Nissan Oceania division of a potential data breach, warning them that there is a risk of scams in the upcoming days.

Nissan Oceania is a regional division of the famous Japanese automaker that covers distribution, marketing, sales, and services in Australia and New Zealand.

A statement from the company has been published on the main page of both “” and “” websites and informs that the systems of the Australian and New Zealand Nissan Corporation and Financial Services “have been subject to a cyber incident.”

The notification says that the company has deployed its global incident response team to determine the impact of the cyber attack.

Customer data being compromised is significant, Nissan is warning about potential scams targeting account holders and the possibility of account hijacking.

“While the extent of the incident is still under investigation, Nissan encourages its customers to be vigilant across their accounts, including looking out for any unusual or scam activities..”said Nissan.

Nissan clarifies that its dealers’ network have not been impacted and all vehicle and service queries may be submitted and there will be no delays in processing them.

The government agencies in Australia and New Zealand tasked with improving cyber resilience (the Cyber Security Centre) have been notified about the incident but have not published any statements by publication time.

Bleeping Computer has contacted Nissan Oceania with a request for comment and additional information on the cyber incident, and we will update this post when we hear back.

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