Darktrace Unveils Cloud Solution to Have Visibility of Cloud Architectures & Threat Detection

Darktrace Unveils Cloud Solution to Layout Visibility of Cloud Architectures & Threat Detection based on its unique Self-Learning AI. This is necessarily of the time when security professionals will be increasing their visibility on cloud environments.

The new solution provides comprehensive visibility of cloud architectures, real-time cloud-native threat detection and response, and prioritized recommendations and actions to help security teams manage misconfigurations and strengthen compliance.

When combined with insight from Darktrace solutions for network, email, apps, zero trust and endpoint, Darktrace/Cloud provides a deeper, contextualized understanding of the risks and threats currently facing an organization’s digital estate.  Gartner in its  recent report says that 99% of cloud breaches will be based on a customer error, account takeover or misconfiguration until 2027.

Jack Stockdale, Chief Technology Officer, Darktrace. “Our innovative approach to cloud security is built on more than a decade of leadership in Cyber AI that is already protecting our customers’ critical business areas from network and email to operational technology.”


New capabilities in Darktrace/Cloud include:

  • Comprehensive visibility and architecture modeling for insights into the constantly changing nature of cloud environment. This is critical for detecting anomalies and unknown threats.
  • Universal attack path modeling provides a dynamic view of where attackers may look to move next.

This brings in together real-time cloud data and a deep understanding of your cloud environment with a platform approach that provides insights about risks from other covered areas of the business (e.g., network, email) to highlight potential attack paths and prioritize important assets to secure.

  • Unique real-time and cloud-native threat detection and response that provides a dynamic view of known and novel threats within the cloud. Darktrace combines deep cloud attack path knowledge with real-time anomaly and threat detection through cloud-native autonomous response actions, such as detaching a policy from a user or removing a workload from a security group.
  • Prioritized cloud posture management that starts by examining cloud configurations against common compliance frameworks. The solutions provides a prioritized view of what to fix first, based on a risk profile generated from security and business context. Guided steps can be provided to help teams proactively address these before they become a significant issue.
  • Cost discovery to provide a better understanding of cloud resource allocation. This helps teams contextualize their cloud resources according to security and business priorities.
  • Communication and collaboration capabilities to streamline workflows between security teams and DevOps teams. Tickets can be created on demand, teams can communicate directly via messaging platforms, and alerts and anomaly detections can be sent to Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) or Security Orchestration.
  • Flexible deployment options include an agentless deployment by default so organizations can be up and running in minutes. Teams can use the dynamic architectural view and risk context to decide where to deploy agents for enhanced real-time actions and deeper inspection.

Availability: New Darktrace/Cloud solution now available via the AWS Marketplace; provides a real-time, architecture-based view of cloud environments so businesses can easily and quickly act against evolving threats and misconfigurations, and strengthen compliance.

AWS Marketplace will help customers to gain increased visibility, and respond more effectively to security risks and threats.”



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