National Aerospace Research Lab Hit by Ransomware, Threatens to Publish Stolen Data


As per National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), LockBit added to its Dark Web leak site. This gave them edge and threatens to publish the organization’s stolen data if it fails to pay an unspecified ransom as per TechCrunch. Website’s of NAL was down CERT (Indian cyber agency) was down.

LockBit is famous notorious ransomware gang who are reputed to target organizations and demand ransom in return.

LockBit posted eight purportedly stolen documents, including confidential letters, an employee’s passport and other internal documents.

At the time of publication NAL’s website was down across the world. It is unclear if the website outage was due to the claimed ransomware attack.

NAL and India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

NAL is India’s first and largest aerospace research organization. It is owned by the Indian Government’s Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, led by the prime minister, and works closely with other government entities, including the Indian Space Research Organization and Defence Research and Development Organisation.

LockBit is reputed to hack some of the world’s most renowned companies and its business module is known as Ransomware as a service. Some of its most recent victims include Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC, British postal service and courier company Royal Mail and pharma giant Granules India. It also targeted Los Angeles’ housing authority and California’s finance department in recent years.


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