Dinesh Kamble joins as CISO & Head Infosec at RBL Bank

In order to strengthen the organization’s defenses and promote a resilient culture, Dinesh Kamble has joined RBL Bank as the CISO and Head Infosec. Having worked in a variety of industries for more than 20 years, Kamble brings a plethora of knowledge to his current position and is well-positioned to guide RBL Bank through the challenges of the digital era.

In his new position, Kamble will be in charge of formulating the plan for creating and putting into action a thorough security architecture that would reduce cyber risks and guarantee adherence to legal requirements. He is in charge of choosing and managing security technologies in order to protect RBL Bank’s sensitive data assets from new threats. He also wants to make sure that the bank has a strong security culture by encouraging staff awareness and best practices that instill a security-first mentality in every area of the business.

Throughout his distinguished career, Kamble has had leadership roles in eminent financial institutions such as IDFC FIRST Bank, where he was instrumental in establishing the bank’s information security policy. His employment with well-known security software behemoths like Symantec and McAfee (Intel Security) has sharpened his ability to use cutting-edge technologies to reduce cyber risks and protect vital assets.

Kamble said “I’m geared to enable the business by leveraging my 25 years of industry experience. It’s about aligning security with innovation and building a fortress that empowers the bank’s business securely in the digital age.”

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