CybeReady Offers Practical Guide to Protect Data Privacy

Corporate Data Privacy Training Toolkit by CybeReady

CybeReady,  unveiled its Data Privacy CISO Toolkit to highlight Data Privacy Week. This training toolkit for CISOs incorporates current data privacy trends, is free to download from the CybeReady website and aims to bolster data privacy training initiatives.

Started in the United States and Canada in January 2008 by the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) to underline the criticality of data privacy, Data Privacy Week takes place this year from Jan 22-Jan 26. It extends the European Data Protection Day, commemorating the 1981 signing of Convention 108, a pivotal international treaty on privacy and data protection.

The Data Privacy Toolkit, reflecting the evolving landscape of data privacy, includes guidelines and recommendations to safeguard sensitive information, crucial for protecting sensitive information from malicious actors. Included is information that encompasses financial, healthcare, and other personally identifiable data, vital to consumer and business protection. The Toolkit’s guidance is more pertinent than ever, given the increasing sophistication of cyber threats and the evolving regulatory landscape.

Included in the Corporate Data Privacy Training Toolkit are:

– Guidance on Data Collection Protocols – Advice for corporate employees on collecting personal data, focusing on emerging privacy regulations and ethical considerations in analytics, operations, or marketing.

– Advanced Data Organization Techniques – Recommendations for secure, compliant storage and handling of information, incorporating the latest standards and best practices.

– Secure Information Sharing and Storage Procedures – Guidelines on sharing and storing data, reflecting recent technological advancements and legal requirements, emphasizing duration and methods of data archiving.

– Steps for Proper Data Handling – Best practices for retaining, archiving, and information management during and after use.

CybeReady offers employees two CISO Training Toolkits for data privacy: “Protecting Corporate Information” and “Safeguarding Personal Information.” Additionally, six graphically pleasing posters containing data privacy tips are available for projecting on public screens throughout the organization, in conference rooms, etc.

Emphasizing the significance of employee training in data privacy, CybeReady recognizes that awareness and understanding at all organizational levels remain vital in preventing breaches and maintaining a reputable, compliant business environment.

The Toolkits aid in aligning with global regulations like the GDPR and CCPA, furthering legal compliance and corporate integrity.

“Safeguarding customer and partner data is not just a corporate responsibility but a legal mandate,” noted Eitan Fogel, CEO of CybeReady. “When it comes to sensitive data, security leaders and their employees must maintain vigilance and have the support of cutting-edge knowledge and tools. Taking these extra steps helps ensure responsible data management and reinforces a culture of security.”

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