Uptycs Declared as a Reliable Vendor in Analyst Firm’s Cloud Workload Security & XDR Platforms

Uptycs declared as a notable vendor in XDR & Cloud workload security platform

The Cybersecurity landscape to some extent relies on having safe vendor providers who can keep the integrity of data and ensure security across the entire security landscape of an organization.

Uptycs provider of the first unified CNAPP and workload security platform, today announced its recognition in two Forrester Landscape Research Reports, The Cloud Workload Security Landscape, Q3 2023 and The Extended Detection And Response Platforms Landscape, Q4 2023.

These reports offer a comprehensive overview of vendors in each landscape, with Uptycs noted as a standout. Uptycs is distinctively positioned in the market, as the only vendor to unify security capabilities from both landscapes into a single platform, UI, and data lake.

The result is total protection for hybrid multicloud environments, Kubernetes, and the DevOps pipeline, providing security teams with unified visibility, rapid detection, and deeper insights to swiftly respond to attacks and secure their enterprise applications and cloud infrastructure.

“As enterprises continue their cloud journey, driven by initiatives such as app modernization, digital transformation, and cloud optimization, they must tailor their security strategy to the ever-changing and transient nature of cloud infrastructures, along with the increasing intricacy of their software supply chain infrastructure,” emphasizes Ganesh Pai, CEO and Co-Founder at Uptycs.

“Consequently, enterprises turn to Uptycs as a trusted partner, leveraging its expertise to maximize their cloud potential and streamline their efforts in monitoring and safeguarding their hybrid cloud environment.”

Organizations continue to struggle with silos, leading to reductions in productivity, and an increasingly compelling environment for threat actors to target. With such disparate and unconnected data, security teams toil to identify, investigate, and respond to all of the relevant threat data from various detection surfaces across their environments.

A recent ESG Analyst Report featuring survey data from multiple vendors highlights these issues with 36% of respondents saying, “it is difficult to get a complete picture of our security status using many disparate security technologies” and 46% of respondents citing the “strain on their organization’s resources.” Uptycs’ comprehensive solution provides a more complete CNAPP, connecting insights across attack surfaces and uniting teams to solve these security challenges.

Unlike other vendors within the market, Uptycs unifies and extends an organization’s security all the way to the developer’s laptop, monitoring and protecting code repositories, cloud access, and services used for code creation. This encourages a proactive security stance, giving organizations the ability to address issues within the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) before they reach production.

The Uptycs Detection Cloud is key to security unification, providing a single source of truth and normalizing security data across all collection points. This enables security teams to easily correlate insights, facilitating quick, informed, and decisive action.

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