Tri-Nation Collaborate for Global Cybersecurity Workshop under GCTF

The United States, India, and Taiwan collaborate for a cybersecurity workshop  as on December 11-12 to address cybersecurity and digital security challenegs.

This will help foster operational expertise and sharing best practices under the auspices of the Global Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF).

The event was graced by US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti, Taiwan’s Representative Baushuan Ger, former National Cyber Security Coordinator of India Lt Gen Rajesh Pant, and the United Service Institution of India jointly hosted the event.

This marks the inaugural in-person GCTF program in India, emphasizing the commitment to international collaboration in addressing digital security challenges.

Ambassador Eric Garcetti said, “The United States is committed to working closely with partners like India and Taiwan to enhance cybersecurity and protect our shared interests in the digital space.

When we connect, protect, and detect with technology, instead of fearing what it can do to divide or oppress us, we can take full advantage of the nearly limitless potential that these advances will bring.”

Taiwan’s Representative to India Ger highlighted GCTF’s importance as a platform to utilize Taiwan’s strengths and expertise to address issues of global concern.

India’s former National Cyber Security Coordinator Lt Gen Rajesh Pant said for India, with over 800 million internet users and 1.2 billion smartphones, cybersecurity is a major part of national security.

Since its inception in 2015, the GCTF has conducted 70 international workshops, engaging experts from over 120 countries on various critical topics. Administered jointly by the United States, Taiwan, the Australian Office in Taipei, and the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, GCTF serves as a conduit for Taiwan to share its prowess globally. The collaboration envisions continued partnerships with India, Taiwan, and like-minded nations to confront shared challenges.

Despite Taiwan’s wealth of expertise in fields ranging from public health to cybersecurity, international restrictions impede its active participation in global institutions.

The GCTF emerges as a crucial platform, enabling practitioners worldwide to tap into Taiwan’s knowledge reservoir and fostering connections among experts tackling 21st-century challenges that transcend borders

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