India’s Digital Infrastructure Under Cyber Threat; Agencies, Instructed to Adhere to SoPs

Threat of Cyber attack on Indian websites and critical infrastructure is impending as one of the largest hackers group plans cyber attack targeting the health sector.

A nationwide alert has been issued and Central agencies are particularly vigilant instructing to adhere to Cyber Hygiene Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) and perform necessary tasks to safeguard data from potential hacking or breaches.

Relevant ministries and departments have been issued to remain alert urging them to execute tasks that will thwart any unauthorised access attempts.

This is the same group had previously issued a “red notice” targeting a staggering 12,000 government websites.

Their past activities reveal a broad scope, with documented attacks on countries like the United States, Sweden, and Israel. Motivations for their actions appear diverse, ranging from incidents hurting religious sentiments to targeted actions against specific communities.

Officials aware of the alert and threat said the evolving landscape of cyber threats poses a significant challenge to the security of digital infrastructure.

The coordinated efforts of hacker groups, their audacious claims, and the potential implications for nations around the world call for a proactive and collaborative approach to fortify cybersecurity frameworks and respond effectively to emerging threats.

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