Dark Web offers Botnets for as low as $99, fuelling Cyberattacks

Hackers add more devices to the network of slave digital devices, which would do what hackers want them to do. These networks, called botnets, launch large-scale cyberattacks, including the dreaded Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS).

Now Dark web peers are selling botnets at throw-away prices ranging from $99 on the Dark Web, according to cybersecurity experts at Kaspersky.

Key features inclued:

  • The Dark web has wide spread of choices  hackers choose a subscription model or a temporary rental service.
  • They can also get a custom-made botnet to suit their specific requirements.
  • Prices for this bespoke service start at $3,000, with the final cost depending on the complexity of the desired botnet.
  • Deals are typically conducted privately, with reputation playing a key role in partner selection.
  • Besides one-time purchases, botnets can be hired or acquired as leaked source code for a symbolic price.
  • Custom botnet development is also available. Access to this leaked source code can be obtained for free or for a fee of $10 to $50.
  • More sophisticated options, boasting advanced features and evasion techniques, are priced up to $10,000.
  • With entry barriers to access botnets coming so low, hackers will be able  to focus on attacks rather than spend their energy building a botnet.

“Mirai is one of the most infamous examples of a botnet. It scans the internet for IoT devices with weak default passwords, uses a set of known default credentials to gain access, and infects them,” Alisa Kulishenko, a security analyst at Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence, has said.

“The infected devices then become part of the botnet, which can be controlled remotely to perform various types of cyberattacks,” she said.

For cybercriminals on a budget, leaked botnet source code offers a cheaper alternative, often available for free or a nominal fee. However, these pre-built botnets are easier for security solutions to detect, making them a riskier choice.

Subscription model

Botnets are also available for hire for those who prefer to own them on a subscription model. Depending on the botnet’s capabilities, monthly rental rates range from $30 to $4,800.

“The potential profits from botnet-powered attacks like ransomware and illegal cryptocurrency mining can easily justify these costs,” Alisa said.


Kaspersky says the availability and affordability of botnets on the dark web highlight the escalating threat they pose to individuals and organisations. It asks organisations to use threat intelligence services to identify potential attack vectors and deploy robust endpoint security solutions.

(Courtesy : Businessline)

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