Trend Micro taps Nvidia Software tools for AI Cybersecurity Offering

On Sunday, Trend Micro announced its collaboration with Nvidia to develop new cybersecurity tools utilizing artificial intelligence, aimed at securing the data centers where AI operations occur.

These tools, showcased at the Computex conference in Taiwan, are designed to run on Nvidia’s chips, detecting intruders and ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data.

Many companies are leveraging AI systems to assist employees with tasks such as answering HR inquiries or supporting customer service agents. However, this often involves consolidating data from across the business into a single location, making it a tempting target for hackers.

Hackers infiltrate the enterprise and discover a massive trove of information,” Trend Micro Chief Operating Officer Kevin Simzer told Reuters.

Besides detecting intruders, Trend Micro will also focus on preventing hackers from accessing data fed into AI systems. Users typically interact with modern chatbots by asking questions, which can contain sensitive information, including corporate secrets or private customer data.

They often narrow the chatbot’s responses by providing very specific information,” Simzer explained. “We aim to identify such information first and ensure it doesn’t go beyond authorized individuals and applications,” Simzer added.

(CXO Plus : Courtesy)

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