CybeReady Announces Launch of New Internal Communications Center to Maximize Cybersecurity Learning & Readiness

CybeReady a global leader in autonomous cybersecurity learning, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Internal Communications Center.


This innovative management dashboard is designed to enhance how organizations orchestrate and communicate cybersecurity engagement among their employees, making it easier to keep everyone continually informed and committed to mastering the cybersecurity education process.



Internal Communication Center Portfolio Includes:


  • Personal Scorecards: Through the Center, employees will receive a personal assessment of their performance in key security-related skills, with scores ranging from one to five stars. These scorecards, sent quarterly, are designed to encourage a culture of continuous improvement, enabling employees to track their progress over time. With a friendly and positive tone, the scorecards also provide actionable tips for enhancing cyber learning and engagement.


  • Departmental Reports: Department managers will get detailed monthly reports on their team’s performance in cybersecurity training, including metrics such as phishing simulation click rates and quiz accuracy. These customizable reports are aligned with the organization’s brand, helping managers oversee and enhance their team’s cybersecurity preparedness effectively.


  • Welcome Messages: Automated emails will welcome new employees to the company, introducing them to the cybersecurity learning program. These messages are fully customizable to mirror the brand’s identity, ensuring a seamless integration into the organization’s communication strategy.


The Internal Communications Center is designed to alleviate the workload currently placed on the organization’s IT and HR departments by automating essential communications related to the hands-on learning of defensive cybersecurity skills. By automating key communications, users can ensure the workforce is always informed, engaged, and equipped to tackle incoming challenges.


“We’re already witnessing how, thanks to the Internal Comms Center, employees are more engaged and invested in their training,” said Asaf Sagi, Head of Product at CybeReady. “The new Center is a testament to our commitment to making cybersecurity learning and readiness an integral part of an organization’s culture. Through the center, we not only alleviate the administrative burden on administrative teams but ensure that every employee, regardless of their role, becomes a proactive defender against cyber threats.”

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