Ransomware to Govt-Backed Attackers, Aviation Industry Challenges are Many

Cyviation, focuses on aircraft security and provides  multiple layers of resilience ranging from fleet assessment and aircrew training to aviation security SIEM.

The aim of the company is to remain focused on their mission and empower the aviation industry with robust defenses and proactive strategies.

Providing cyber event management and intrusion detection for commercial aircraft and private jets with emerging model of aviation cyber security.

Avi Tenenbaum, CEO of Cyviation speaks to securitydive.in and shares his thoughts on how the aviation industry can ensure safe, secure, and proactive defensive measures and at the same time support airlines and operators’ compliance with upcoming regulations.

Securitydive.in:  What is the rationale behind selecting such a niche space in cyber security?

 Avi Tenenbaum: We feel that the aircraft is at its most weak point and it is not addressed enough. There are actual safety issues to address and we believe that if we can secure the aircraft and the flight – it will impact the rest of the industry vendors and others

Securitydive.in:  How mature is this industry in adopting advanced cyber security solutions and mechanisms?

 Avi Tenenbaum: Really not mature enough. Lots of discussion, good will, but overall, the aircraft and fleets are not secured enough.

Securitydive.in:  Is the government playing any proactive role in keeping the aviation industry safe from cyber threats?

 Avi Tenenbaum:  More initiative and efforts by regulation that finally include actual requirement and set schedule. Across the board understanding the need, but actual deployment of policies, tools and mitigations – is very slow.

Securitydive.in:  What are the major challenges, the aviation industry is facing today in terms of cyber threats?

 Avi Tenenbaum: Anything from basic ransomware to government-backed attackers. The key challenge – is that securing the aircraft requires collaboration of many functions, changes need to be certified and approved – and it is a slow-to-implement industry.

Securitydive.in:  Is there any difference in the nature of cyber-attacks in the aviation industry compared to others? Much more OT challenges

Where do you see the future of cyber threats in the aviation industry?

Avi Tenenbaum: Cyber threats will intensify, but cyber resilience will improve as well. I think we will see airlines and OEM investing more in cyber security and the attitude towards such threats will gradually get closer to what we see in other industries,. It’s important, it is part of the risk mitigation and proactive measure being used being used

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