Tata Elxsi Announces Partnership with AccuKnox for 5G Managed Security Services for Operators

Tata Elxsi, through its NEURON product suite, announces a strategic partnership with Accuknox, the developer of NIMBUS, a state-of-the-art cloud-native security solution. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in network transformation and security, offering operators a comprehensive solution for building and securing autonomous networks.

NEURON, telco automation platform, comprises of a comprehensive suite of transformation products designed to assist operators in building autonomous networks.

This suite includes NEURON Telco Cloud, facilitating 5G rollout, and NEURON Dark NOC, which automates 5G NOC operations. Powered by Gen AI, both solutions offer smart end- user interactions, digital twin capabilities, and AI/ML algorithms for predictive intelligence.

NIMBUS introduces a capability to identify essential network and host security policies through environment profiling. These identified policies are formulated as intents, applicable in a cloud-native fashion to any Kubernetes workload, spanning from Core to the RAN. Once implemented, these intents offer real-time inline security against potential attackers.

The integration of NEURON with NIMBUS empowers operators to deploy and secure cloud- native workloads seamlessly. NIMBUS introduces an intent-driven approach to security, allowing operators to protect their cloud-native environments with precision and efficiency. 

With this integration, operators can now securely deploy cloud-native workloads and also seamlessly discover the required policies for previously deployed services. Additionally, NEURON auto-generates the necessary intent and applies it to the network, ensuring a streamlined and secure operational process. The integrated solution being agnostic to the underlying network, simplifies orchestration and enforcement of security and leveraging best of tools with a single pane of control.

Rajagopalan Rajappa, CTO, Communications at Tata Elxsi, said, “Through this collaboration with AccuKnox, we want to offer telcos a solution that simplifies the complexity of deployment while also being secure and resilient. This strategic partnership helps operators roll out secure 5G networks with inline mitigation and makes the network future-ready for 6G.

The Neuron platform integrated with AccuKnox Nimbus will be showcased at the Tata Elxsi Meeting Room 2A53MR, Hall 2 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona, Spain, along with other solutions for operators across Connected Cars, Smart Factories, Connected Healthcare and Smart Infrastructure.


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