AI Powered Security Solutions are an Obvious Future; Sai Venkataraman, CEO & Co- Founder, Discern Security,

AI Powered security solutions are an obvious future. AI powered policy management platform is one solution, determined to capture a large market globally, with its unique features. To understand this AI powered security solution, Securitydive delved deeper and spoke to Mr. Sai Venkataraman, CEO & Co-Founder, Discern Security, in length & breadth. Here is the full read.

‘We Have Created AI Powered Security Platform, That Helps All Tools To Work Better Together’

Q. How big is the market for AI powered policy management platform solutions globally?
Where does India stand in the global scenario?

Currently enterprises spend on MSSPs, big 4, and auditors for policy assessments. A significant portion of the $31B MSSP market involves managing security tools, constituting 20% of the <70B security product budget. The broader controls management market is 14B, with India contributing 2-3% to this growing sector.

Q. As we understand, this AI powered policy management platform integrates several
applications, networks and other important functions of the organization and streamline
them. Wouldn t & there be an increasing scope for hackers to get rid of control & command
of all, if somehow they be able to hack the platform?

We have employed robust security measures with a state of the art security architecture. Policy changes involve human approval through integrated workflows like ServiceNow. Clients mandate human approval for AI-driven changes. We work on the ease of approval with comprehensive safeguards in place.

Q. Does this AI powered platform support all operating platforms?

We currently integrate and support 15 of the top 20 cyber security platforms and are
rapidly adding to our platform.

Q. Will addition/adoption of this platform bring significant change in security
operation/function in the organization?

Absolutely. We can provide 10x leverage to humans managing security controls meaning
we can significantly increase the efficiency of team that currently manage security

Q. Does the addition of AI to the policy management platform bolster the security
defense of an organization? At the same time, does an AI powered hacking mechanism
pose a big challenge to it?

The use of AI is key to solving the human shortage in the cyber industry. Employing AI enhances an organization & security stance, especially as hackers, including nation-states and criminal groups, leverage AI. It is an asymmetric battle where hackers may breach the defenses of enterprises. AI is essential not only for prevention but also for incident resolution and detection, considering inevitable breaches by hackers.

Q. Policy management platform solutions have evolved over the years, from a mere
solution to an on-demand security pillar. Where do you see this heading for?

Policy management platforms have historically focused on network security. We are extending that to EDR, Identity security, Web Security and Email Security and we are also helping our customers build the cybersecurity mesh where all these tools can work better together.

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