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Cynet Launches Cybersecurity Skill Tests Website


Cynet announced a new service the cybersecurity industry — the Cynet Cybersecurity Skill Tests Website. The new site is designed to help companies objectively evaluate the knowledge base of cybersecurity candidates to improve the quality of security talent. As finding quality cybersecurity professionals is becoming increasingly difficult, the new cybersecurity testing site — available at https://cybersecurity-skill-tests.com/ — makes pre-employment assessment simple and effective to help hiring managers find the best candidates possible.

Building a qualified security team is a necessity for organizations from all industries and sizes, making the selection of the right people for the job a critical task in which the testing of a candidates’ domain knowledge is a core component of the hiring process. Common practice is for each organization to put together a dedicated set of questions for each role, which takes productive IT security team members away from mission critical tasks. Instead, Cynet is launching the Cybersecurity Skill Tests website to facilitate and optimize the hiring process with an automated online questionnaire for each position.

Cynet has assembled a vast inquiry pool, which includes hundreds of dedicated questions for the six leading cybersecurity positions — SOC Manager, SOC Analyst, Malware Analyst, Security Architect, IT Security Specialist, and Incident Responder — covering all aspects of each selected role. A selection algorithm is used to generate a set of 25 questions with increasing difficulty levels that touch all of the important knowledge areas of each position. No two questionnaires are the same to ensure the reliability of the candidate’s answers.

Following the account creation in the Cybersecurity Skill Tests website, the CISO – or anyone who is accountable for hiring security professionals – can insert the candidate’s name and email into the interface, and the questionnaire will be emailed to the candidate directly. Each candidate has to answer all 25 questions. Once the candidate is done submitting all answers, the results (both the score and time it took to answer the questions) show on the recruiter’s dashboard, enabling him to quickly shortlist the top achievers.

“Our decision to formalize a continually updated cybersecurity testing site, developed by the industry-experts at Cynet, is a benefit to all enterprises globally,” said Dori Harpaz, VP, Marketing, Cynet. “We invite companies to incorporate the Cybersecurity Skill Tests site into their cybersecurity candidate vetting processes. By leveraging this free resource to help screen candidates, businesses are supported in improving team quality and their ability to defend against a growing number of cyber threats.”


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