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Fortinet advises organizations to adopt a layered approach to ‘Make The Internet Safer’


Fortinet today reminded how important it has become to Make The Internet Safer as our society relies more than ever on the availability of digital infrastructure. On Safer Internet Day Fortinet is uniquely positioned to help by extending their ability to educate customers, partners, students, users and global audience at all levels of experience with tips that will go a long way in making our digital world safer and secure.

“Cybersecurity remains a primary concern for all organizations, and cybersecurity awareness needs to be part of any successful strategy to keep networks and data safe. Safer Internet Day is a global initiative to build an industry awareness campaign that can change the overall user culture of an organization by creating a Cyber-Aware Workforce. Anyone and everyone can play a role to spread the message of Safer Internet Practices to make the cyber world a safer and better place for all.” said Rajesh Maurya, Regional Vice President, India & SAARC, Fortinet.

While cybercrime continues to escalate, many of today’s most damaging security threats are not the result of the traditional perception of malicious outsiders breaching a network to deliver malware. The real risk which a growing number of organizations are concerned about are security risks resulting from users who have access to sensitive data and systems.

Concerns about insider threats isn’t just a fire drill. Over two-thirds of organizations believe that insider attacks have become more prevalent over the past year, with nearly half of companies reporting having experienced between one and five critical cyber incidents caused by an insider in the past twelve months. The reasons mainly are a lack of employee awareness and training.


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