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Is it Safe to Use GB WhatsApp 2019


Is GB WhatsApp safe and legal to download and use? What are the risks of using it? Read on to know more about GB WhatsApp 2019?

According to reports, several users around the world use GB WhatsApp after knowing that WhatsApp has limited features. This is the precise reason why GB WhatsApp has become popular and gained millions of downloads.

Some of the features of GB WhatsApp are users features such as auto-reply, saving status. GB WhatsApp also allows you to disable double check, auto scheduling messages, putting themes, viewing status as a list, copying status, locking a specific chat, translate message, hide blue tick, hide online status, hide typing, etc.

What makes GB WhatsApp so popular is the community behind it. GB Whatsapp gets regular monthly updates with minor bug fixes and performance improvements updates.

However, some of the frequently asked questions about GB WhatsApp is — Is GB WhatsApp safe and legal to download and use? What are the security risks of using it? And what are the policies of using GB WhatsApp?

Is GB WhatsApp Safe?
Well, it’s not easy to answer this question with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Maybe it is safe since you can still download it. Or maybe not, because it is a cloned and modified app.

On the security risks, any modded app can be potentially harmful. Especially they have permission to access our contacts, storage, and media files. That alone can be a reason to have doubts and questions. Also, GB WhatsApp is not available in the Google Play Store. You can get GB WhatsApp download link from third-party sites that offer APK’s.

For the users who use the GB WhatsApp until now, there has been no problem regarding this app. As long as you get it from trusted third-party sites, then your device can be safe. But of course, you should always consider to priority your privacy and sensitive data on your phone. That’s the only way to avoid the risks if there are any.

While WhatsApp has warned people of the risk of temporarily getting banned for using modded apps like GB WhatsApp, some people still use them.

GB WhatsApp Policies
Actually, there are no policies regarding the use of modded GB WhatsApp nor developing them. The only way for GB WhatsApp users to be banned is when WhatsApp (official) noticed it. There are no reports that people undergone some legal accountabilities just because they have been using GB WhatsApp.

A Brief Conclusion
It’s not possible of having all the several additional functions of GB WhatsApp in the standard WhatsApp app. With several special features of GB WhatsApp, it’s hard for its users to uninstall it because of security issues.

However, Facebook owned WhatsApp strongly discourages the use of GB WhatsApp or any other modded version of WhatsApp due to the legal and security issues.

If you ask our opinion on the usage of GB WhatsApp — we never recommend any unofficial version of WhatsApp to be used on the smartphone. Always go for the official version. And forget about the customization if possible.

Anyway, let us know in the comment section below on what do you think about this issue. Do you agree that GB WhatsApp is safe or not?


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