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Extending the Boundaries of FIDO Authentication


PRIVAKEY announced the partnership with RAONSECURE, a Seoul based ICT integrated security company and board member of the FIDO Alliance.

The partnership will bring a combined technology solution to the North American market, which includes Privakey’s secure, push authorization platform and Raonsecure’s full suite of FIDO certified authentication products. The joint solution will enable clients to deliver exceptional experiences secured by asymmetric cryptography and enable the extension of biometric identification to many new touchpoints. Customers will enjoy eliminating passwords, SMS one-time passcodes and knowledge based authentication from their daily interactions with their banks, healthcare providers and other services.

Privakey’s Chief Revenue Officer, Patrick Kelly said of possibilities with this new partnership, “Imagine interacting with your bank where passwords are replaced with facial recognition, knowledge based questions are eliminated in the call center, and forms and documents can be completed conveniently on your phone with the backing of secure biometrics.”

“With Privakey, Raonsecure has found a great partner to bring South Korea’s most-deployed FIDO authentication solution to North America–an important biometric authentication market,” said Kim Chang-soo, Executive Director of Global Business for Raonsecure. “Customers will soon be able to use a next-generation authentication platform that combines enhanced ease-of-use and greater security.”

Raonsecure has over 30 million South Korean users with adoption in the consumer banking and payments industries. Stay tuned as there are plans to share more information in the coming weeks about solutions and industry use cases.

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