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How You Can Login to Windows 10 Using Your Google Account


You might soon be able to log in to Windows 10 using your Google account. Read on to more about it….

In future, if you are using a Windows 10 based device — you will soon be able to login with your Google account. It’s been reported that Google is working on allowing users to use its Google account to log in to their Windows 10-powered devices. This means that soon Windows users can use their Google account to log in on their Windows 10-powered device. According to a report by Chrome Story, Google is working on adding support to Credential Providers in Windows 10.

According to the report “Google Credential Provider for Windows. Initial commit” has about 12,086 lines of code changes across a number of internal files of Google Chrome. If you don’t know what a Credential provider is then it is the main “mechanism” that Windows 10 users to authenticate its users. In Windows 10, Credential providers are used for authenticating the identity of the user in apps, websites, and more. The new feature is not available in the Google Canary version at the time of writing but is likely that it may appear soon.

Design Details
This new feature uses a “Google Credential Provider” that will allow Windows to authenticate enterprise users against their company’s G Suite account and possibly regular Google accounts. Windows uses credential providers to authenticate users when they login to Windows and ships with standard providers such as authentication using passwords, Windows Hello, a smart card, or a PIN. Third-party developers can also create their own credential provider and register it with Windows so users can login using a third-party authentication process.

In this instance of Windows authentication, the Google Credential Provider appears to allow users to login using Google Accounts and ID Administration (GAIA) ids created by G Suite administrators. GAIA is Google authentication and authorization system that provides users with access to various Google services. This feature will allow Google to further penetrate the Enterprise market by integrating Windows 10 directly into their G Suite platform.

When a user logs in with their GAIA ID, the credential provider will authenticate the user using Google’s OAuth 2.0 API. If the credentials are correct, the provider will automatically log the user into their profile or create a new one.

Google could have probably designed this feature keeping the G Suite customers in mind and came up with a code commit that will allow users to log in to Windows 10 using Google accounts. The code commit shows the Google Credential Provider for Windows which allows Windows to accept third-party credentials aside from using Outlook.

This is a real advantage to the Windows 10 users because in the case of an emergency you can log in on any new Windows 10-powered device to quickly access all your files along with your personalized settings without the need of tweaking all the settings to your liking from the scratch. This means that if you don’t have to type your Windows password to access your Windows 10 based computer.


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