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Interview of Thiagarajan, Director – IT, India & Asia, IMI Critical Engineering


With the growing threat landscape in cyber space, how matured the critical industry sector is in India to protect their business sensitive data?

The critical industry sector in india has not completed moved their sensitive information (Engineering, Sales and Financials) at the public platforms like Cloud. Though the industry is well aligned with the latest technologies for their engineering and business applications, most of them are still using their own private data centers to protect their critical Data and IPs. They use the proven methodologies and measures to protect their data.

How do you ensure the data protection and prevent security breach in your organization?

Fortunately, our organization has not been to any of the data breach or intrusions so far. We strongly believe in Compliance free, Governance in place and Information security. We constantly monitor and measure these at all times.

How do you see the overall cyber security threat landscape at large in India in coming years?

Nothing against cloud strategy. But they do have significant risks involved if they are not understood or handled properly. So to that extent Cyber security threat is increasing in India recently. Also, our country is not completely equipped with required infrastructure to handle the threats appropriately.

Where do you see the security maturity level of Indian enterprises when compared to global business landscape?

I see a huge gap in India enterprises when compared with global businesses. The main reason could be as I stated before the basic infrastructure and awareness. We still treat ourselves as growing economy. But we failed to realize our existing potential.

What are your security predictions for the year 2018?

I see and witnessed lot of positive initiatives happening around Indian industries. This will enable us to minimize the Information Security damages.

Data will continue to grow and spread. But, if adequate awareness and security measures are not in place, we may end up in huge consequence.


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